Do not hasten to make a Ruling

Do not hasten to make a Ruling

Imam Sha’bi Rahmatullahi Allayhi said, ‘’ I was sitting with Shuraih, a famous judge, when a woman came to us crying profusely and complaining about her absent husband. I exclaimed to Shuraih that I saw her as one who was wronged and whose rights have been deprived from her.’’ The Judge replied to Imam Sha’bi, ‘’What brings you to this conclusion? ‘’ Imam Sha’bi then said that the abundance of her tears indicated that she had been wronged. Shuraih, in his wisdom stated, ‘’Do not rule except after the matter has become clear for indeed the brothers of Yusuf Allayhis Salam came to their father crying when in fact they were the ones who were the wrongdoers.’’

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