Television and Digital Images (eBook)

A book written by Muftī Emraan Vawda regarding the proofs for the impermissibility of digital images of animate beings.

The Explicit Texts from the Aḥādīth are first presented as a backdrop to the specific issue of these new forms of imagery. The analogy with a reflection of the mirror is explained, and it is shown why these new forms of imagery do not resemble a mirror reflection. Islāmic Law Semantics is applied to the question on hand and it is demonstrated why the Aḥādīth apply to modern imagery. The possible relevance of Qiyās is considered, with special reference to the requirements of the ʿillah, and it is established that even if Qiyās applies, it would confirm the prohibition of such modern imagery. [Excerpt from Abstract]

Click here to download (PDF – 6 MB)

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