The objective of eFiqh is to provide researched answers to jurisprudential questions in accordance with the Sharī‘ah as understood by the classical jurists of the Ḥanafī school of thought.

Seeking the guidance of the ‘ulamā’ for one’s religious needs is a sign that Allāh wishes good for that person. As the Prophet ﷺ said, “Whomsoever Allāh intends good for, He guides him towards the understanding of Dīn” (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī: #71, vol. 1, p. 25).

About Muftī Luqman Hansrot (Founder, eFiqh.com)

Muftī Luqman Hansrot completed his Qur’ān Memorisation (Ḥifẓ) by his beloved father, Ḥaḍrat Maulānā Mohammed Hansrot in South Africa at the tender age of 14.

Thereafter, he pursued his 6 year ‘ālimiyah course at the famous institute, Madrasah In‘āmiyyah in Camperdown, South Africa.

Muftī Luqman further pursued his studies for the Iftā’ course (Post Graduate in the Sciences of Issuing Fatāwā—legal rulings) at the same Institute under the Supervision of Ḥaḍrat Muftī Ebrahim Desai (may Allāh Ta‘ālā preserve him) of South Africa for another 3 years.

Muftī Luqman has Iṣlāḥī Ta‘alluq with Ḥaḍrat Muftī Ahmed Khanpuri Ṣāḥib of Dhabel, India.

May Allāh Ta‘ālā preserve him and protect him, āmīn.

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