Purchasing Ventilators with Zakāh Money

Question: Assalamu alaykum Currently there is a need for ventilators in many hospitals. I wanted to know if we can donate our zakah money for purchasing ventilators? Jzk (Question published as received) الجواب باسم ملهم الصواب For zakāh to be valid, it has to be given in the ownership of an eligible recipient of zakāh. It is not permissible to give zakāh money to purchase ventilators as no eligible recipient of zakāh will become the owner of the … Continue reading Purchasing Ventilators with Zakāh Money

An Important Lesson we can Learn from Infectious Diseases

Imām al-Shāṭibī writes: “Rabies has some resemblance with an infectious disease. The root cause of rabies is found in a dog and then when the dog bites someone he becomes similar to it, and is not able to part from it in most cases without dying. The heretic (mubtadi‘) is the same: when he presents his view and doubt to another, he is rarely safe from its harm. In fact, he either falls into his ideology with him … Continue reading An Important Lesson we can Learn from Infectious Diseases

Query on Jumu’ah When Masjid is Closed (Urdu)

Question: Country: United Arab Emirates mera question ye ha k jummah room mn kesay prhen corona ki wja sa masjid band ha par b sakty hn k ni (Question published as received) الجواب باسم ملهم الصواب Agar aapko aisi koi jagah nahi milti jaha ba qaidah jumu‘ah ki namaz adaa ki jarahi ho, to aap ghar mai zuhr ki namaz adaa karlei. Wallāhu A‘lam (Mufti) Bilal al-Mahmudi 27 Rajab 1441 / 22 March 2020

Insurance for Physicians

Question: Country: Australia Since Insurance is haram, would it then be haram for a physician to obtain medical indemnity insurance and medical malpractice insurance, these specific insurances are compulsory in countries and hospitals for physicians. Would this be considered haram? (Question published as received) الجواب باسم ملهم الصواب In principle, it is not permissible for one to take out any form of insurance. However, if a physician is legally obliged to take out insurance, then it is permissible … Continue reading Insurance for Physicians

Etiquettes of the Mobile Phone

Islam has never been opposed to advancement. However, certain advancements are such that together with their benefits come much harm. Whilst mobile technology and the mobile phone in particular has revolutionised the way we live, it is important that we utilise such technology appropriately. Crude Manners It is important to realise that there are certain etiquettes of speaking on the phone. For example when calling someone, many people do not first ask the person they are calling whether … Continue reading Etiquettes of the Mobile Phone

Performing Nafl Before ‘Īd Ṣalāh

Question: Country: Australia Assalamu Alaikum, By the grace of Allah (SWT), I hope everyone is doing really good and living a healthy life. Alhamdulillah. I have a question regarding Salat Ul Ishraq. It is performed after sunrise. Now, before an EID salah, it is not permitted to perform any nafl salah when you are in the mosque or home. So now I would like to as our Prophet (SA) used to pray Salat Ul Ishraq every day, is … Continue reading Performing Nafl Before ‘Īd Ṣalāh

Nikāḥ via Text-Message

Question: Country: Pakistan Aoa\r\nSir few years ago one of my class fellow text me…. Binte… Nikah qabool h. I replied v unconsciously as yes. Just by thinking in this manner will happen. After some time we stop to talk and I totally forget about that. And few yrs later I got married with another person. Now I remember my that mistake please tell me is that mistake have any impact on my marriage and on my relation. Please … Continue reading Nikāḥ via Text-Message

Working for a Software Company Owned by a Bank

Question: I have a software engineering job offer from a company “A” which makes a software product (point of sale) used by small and medium businesses like restaurants and retail stores to make sales transactions and inventory management. This company “A” was recently acquired by a Bank and my employment will be with the Bank as the parent company but I will only be working on the software product as I described above. The company charges a fee … Continue reading Working for a Software Company Owned by a Bank

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