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The Sharī‘ah ruling given is based specifically on the question posed and should only be read in conjunction with that question.

Due to the number of queries received, please allow a minimum of 10 days for your question to be answered.

If there are more than two questions asked or the question requires a detailed research, please allow three to four weeks for your response.

Note: Not all answered questions are published on the site. Also, if you have already sent your question to AskImam, kindly do not send it to us.

2 thoughts on “Ask a Question

  1. Assalamo alaikum, I asked a question and I don’t know that where would I get my answer? Would I get it in my mail box or in Q/A option of this website?

    1. Wa ‘Alaykumus Salām,

      It depends. The answer is sometimes posted on the site and sometimes only replied by email. If the answer is posted on the site, the link is emailed.

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