Advice of Luqman Hakeem (8)

“O my son!

Jostle up to the Ulama with your knees.

Do not argue and debate with them, for they will detest you.

Spend from the excess of your earnings for the Aakhirah.

Do not discard or abandon the world totally,

or you would be reduced to poverty,

and become a weight on the necks of the rich.

Fast on some days, it will break your (carnal/base) desires.

Do not fast a continuous fast, as it will affect your Salaat.

Verily, Salaat is superior to fasting. Become a father to orphans

and (like) a husband to widows (by providing for them

and serving their needs).

Never sit with ignoramuses and never mix with two-faced


[1] (Al-Marji`us Saabiq, vol. 4, page 55)