Allah The Creator

How this big earth came to be, And everything that we see, Even things in outer space, Came about by Allah’s grace.

How people lived so long ago, Lessons that we have to know, And who does Allah love the best, And why He puts us all to test.

How He makes the raindrops fall, And what about the tree so tall, What about the plants that grow, And reasons for the wind to blow.

How about the oceans wide, And different animals that we ride, Not to mention mountains high, And the magnificence of the sky.

Find out what we must not do, Things that are bad for me and you, Also things that are right, And how we can all gain insight.

And the nature and the glory, Unfolds like a beautiful story, Of Almighty as He talks to you, Conveying a message pure and true, Read it up in the Qur`aan, It will strengthen your Imaan.