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Croydon Islamic Academy, founded in 2009,

is South London’s first Darul Uloom

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Assalamu ‘alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

The Messenger of Allah (Sallallohu alaihi wasallam) said: “Whoever builds a Musjid seeking by it the Pleasure of Allah, Allah will build for him a similar place in Jannah.” [Bukhari]

Respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Alhamdulillah through the grace and bounty of Allah Ta‘ala and your pious Duaas a property has been donated to the Croydon Islamic Academy by one generous sister. The value of the property is in excess of £250,000. There is an outstanding mortgage of £60,000 on this property belonging to the sister which will now be the responsibility of the management to pay off. We are requesting all brothers and sisters to try and contribute to this worthy cause by making Dua and also by contributing financially.

Our aim is to open an institute where together with Salaah facilities we can also provide for the children of our locality a facility to memorise the Holy Quran. In the South London area we do not have an institute where our children can come and memorise the Holy Quran on a full time basis. Children have to travel as far as Leicester and Blackburn to achieve this. Alhamdulillah at present we have 25 children doing the Hifz of the Holy Quran. We have seen a property for this purpose and now wish to purchase it by selling the 3 bedroom house and raising £450 000 from the Muslim Ummah to enable us to buy this property.

We would request all brothers and sisters to try and contribute to this worthy cause by making Dua and also by contributing financially through Lillah and Qardh-e-Hasanah donations. We have also enclosed a standing order form which we request you to try and fill up so you can help us regularly in this noble cause.

We need 450 brothers and sisters to donate £1000 each or 900 brothers and sisters to donate £500 each. Insha-Allah with your Duaas and help we can achieve this. Ameen

May Allah reward you in this world and the hereafter and make it a means of our entry in Jannat ul Firdaus. Ameen

You can donate by writing a cheque to Croydon Islamic Academy, or online by clicking on Donate button on the website.

Contact Molana Muhammad Ashraf on 07828929654.
This project run under the guidance of Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb and other Ulama.

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