Don’t Express Your Needs to Anyone

Advice of Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Hassan Gangohi (Rahmatullahi Alayh)

That person who expresses his needs to people by asking from them, Allah Ta‘ala will open for him the door of want and need. His needs will always be increasing and he will never attain peace. However, that person who hides his condition from people, refrains from asking from them, turns to Allah Ta‘ala for his needs, Allah Ta‘ala frees him from any want and need. His heart becomes independent from the makhlooq (creation).[1]

[1] (Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi raḥimahullāh His life and works, Publsh. Ta’limi Board, KZN, Pg 256)