The Sunnah Method of Slaughter

While the Muslim community has always upheld the obligation of Qurbani with profound eagerness, it has been unfortunately observed that at times the slaughter and treatment of Qurbani animals is harsh and inconsiderate. Ignorance and negligence regarding the proper method of slaughter can diminish and even void the reward and virtue of this noble obligation.


The following are some of the acts that must be rectified:

  1. Sharpening of blades in clear view of the animals being slaughtered.
  2. Skinning while any sign of movement exists in the animal.
  3. Treatment of animals in pens/holding areas.
  4. Carelessly dragging the animal on its back to the slaughtering area.
  5. Slaughtering in full view of other animals.
  6. Slaughtering by such persons, especially children who are unacquainted with the correct method of slaughter thereby causing difficulty to the animal.

Rasulullah Sallalahu Allayhi Wassallam said, “Verily Allah Ta’ala has prescribed goodness in everything; so when you execute (for Qisaas) do so with dignity, and

when you slaughter do so in a properly, ensure the blade for slaughter is

sharpened and the slaughtering is carried out swiftly.”[1]

By; Jamiat Kwa Zulu Natal

[1] (Sahih Muslim)