Advice of Luqman Hakeem (48)

“Indeed a pious and devout woman is like oil in the head;

It softens and relaxes the roots and beautifies the hair.

Her example is like that of a crown on the head of a king.
Her example is like a pearl and hidden jewel;

None knows its real value.

The example of an evil woman is like a torrential flood,

Which does not stop until it reaches its end,

When she speaks then she lets others hear;

When she walks, she hastens;

When she sits, then she hoists and erects herself;

When she is angry, she makes it known.

Every malady can be cured,

Except the malady of an evil woman.”[1]

[1] (Wisdom of Hakim Luqman, Maktaba Nasr, Pg 26,27)