Advice of Luqman Hakeem (59)

“I advise you of six qualities,

which is the (culmination of) the knowledge of the former

and latter people:

— The first:

That you do not occupy yourself with this world except to

the extent of what is left of your life,

— The second:
Worship your Rabb in accordance to your dependence

upon Him,

— The third:

Make an effort for the Aakhirat (Hereafter) in accordance

to how long you desire to live therein,

— The fourth:

That you occupy yourself in emancipating your neck from

The Fire,

until your redemption therefrom become apparent,

— The fifth:

That your daring (perpetration) of sin be in accordance to

your patience upon the Punishment of Allah Ta`ala,

— The sixth:

When you intend disobeying Allah,

find a place where neither Allah nor His angels can see


[1] (Wisdom of Hakim Luqman, Maktaba Nasr, Pg 30,31)